perfect teen boss

You left the footnote off the month-end accounting report again, and your boss is managing everything except her temper. As an adult, you may be able to shrug it off, but what about when your teen burns the French fries on her Friday night shift, and her boss flips his lid? Unfortunately, some bosses don't take their teenage. 27 Mar Jia Tolentino writes that Teen Boss, a magazine for pre-teen girls, is a tribute to the hustle of the social-media era and to the idea that female ambition must be smiling and social. work for him—the perfect Girl Friday, following his instructions to the letter, keeping his business and social diary on track at all times, fronting for him when he to the editor of a teen magazine, which suggested she would be tuned into the teen market, by far the most profitable one for Jake's business, Signature Sounds.


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