bizarre doll

16 Jun If undertaker really is Vincent's father, could Real!ciels lineage be the reason he was able to become a “perfect” bizarre doll? All the other human corpses that undertaker tried to reanimate ended up as “failures” without any other self-driven purpose other than trying to devour people for their souls. 1 Dec Anonymous said: If Real Ciel is a Bizarre Doll, do you think Undertaker is inserting the Earl's memories after the sacrifice as his episodes or fake future memories? In Chapter 84, Undertaker says. 16 Jan Headcanon: Ciel Phantomhive is NOT a Bizarre Doll; he's ALIVE abybweisse: “ abybweisse: “ This is what my “Harry is a Horcrux” teaser was about earlier today . Every time I come up with some odd.


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